We like to partner with pastors and churches by offering Men’s Ministry workshops that are relevant to the struggles, needs, and the heart of men.


(64%) of American men report they view porn at least monthly.

(90%) 9 out of 10 boys were exposed to pornography before the age of 18.

(70%) is the percentage of wives of sex addicts who could be diagnosed with PTSD.

(47%) Christians who said pornography is a major problem in the home.

Note: Statistics information.


Each of our workshops is approximately 45 minutes and can be easily delivered on a Saturday morning over breakfast or combined with other workshops during a men’s retreat. Here is a list of our most requested topics:

  • Sex, God, & Men.
    This session addresses the difference between external and internal sexuality and focuses on tips for overcoming lust.


  • Battlefronts: Abuse, Addictions, and Sexual Anorexia.
    This session addresses how past abuse may trigger unhealthy coping mechanisms that give birth to addictions.


  • The M Word.
    We discuss three types of masturbation patterns that impact intimacy and marriage. We focus on helping men develop a biblical understanding of human sexuality.


  • Proverbs 7: The Power of Seduction
    This session is good for teens and young adults. We discuss seduction, establishing boundaries, and developing strategies for maintaining purity.


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