Seven Reasons Why…

You Should Reserve Cesar Gamez For Your Next Student Ministry Meeting, Rally, Camp Conference, or Event.


1. Cesar is in the trenches of youth ministry with you!

Cesar understands 21st-century students because he works with them on a daily basis. He also understands the challenges youth pastors and churches face in attempting to reach students in the new millennium.

2. Cesar will support you and your leaders.

For over 20 years, he has dedicated his life to equipping leaders, volunteers, and staff with practical tools and resources in order to grow their ministry. He will help you cheer, challenge, and confront youth ministry issues that are sometimes best heard from an outsider rather than from a member of your staff.

3. Cesar will clearly communicate your theme & message.

We customize each of our presentations to address your ministry’s unique challenges. Cesar will work closely with you to highlight your theme in his presentation(s).

4. Your group will have fun!

Cesar enjoys communicating his message using laughter and student participation to completely involve the audience in the experience. His goal will be to connect with your students in such a way that they feel Cesar is speaking to them personally.

5. Your group will learn practical biblical principles.

Each member of your group will be exposed to biblical truths and practical behavioral strategies that can produce godly living. The students will be challenged to rely on God’s power. Cesar strongly believes that teaching to change lives does not occur by psyching students into positive thinking, but by motivating them to obey God’s Word.

6. Your group will start thinking “outside the box.”

Cesar has a way of communicating new ideas and new choices in a non-threatening way without diluting or changing the message. His seeker-sensitive approach allows him to connect with students on various levels of spirituality.

7. Just like a rubber band…

A rubber band is useless unless it’s stretched. Cesar believes that sometimes Christian students are educated way beyond their level of obedience. Therefore, he challenges students to “stretch” their faith and to act on what they’ve learned.


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