Two are better than one.

Whether you’ve been married for two years or twenty years, every couple understands that relationships require commitment and work.

Each of our sessions has been designed to help couples enhance their passion, improve their communication, build trust, and gain a greater understanding of their spouse.

When you invite us to come to your church, we can help you decide what sessions would be best for your group because each training is a stand-alone session. This type of flexibility also allows you to have a one-night 2-hour conference or a two days 5-hour conference.

Here is a list of our sessions:

    • If you love me, why do I feel so alone?
      This session explores the four most common behaviors that tend to disconnect couples from each other.
    • Truth-in-love
      This session helps couples learn how to talk safely to each other, respect boundaries, and express their needs and wants in the relationship in a safe space.
    • Dealing with Differences
      This session teaches couples conflict resolution and shared decision-making skills that will allow them to fight fairly in the future.
    • You and Your Family
      This session helps couples understand how our family of origin impacts who we are, what we value, and the unknown struggles that we sometimes bring into our relationships.
    • Building a Happy & Healthy Home
      This session focuses on teaching couples the necessary principles to find their way back to each other and how to create a home environment of love, acceptance, and respect.
    • Partner Profile
      This session helps couples identify their expectations of their partner in their relationship.
    • Relationship X-Ray
      This session helps couples identify crucial areas that are working well and those that need their immediate attention. We’ll discuss finances, in-laws, parenting differences, and sex.


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